Who Doesn't Love Fringe!

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I'm beside myself on these Fringe Maxi dresses. I WANT THEM ALL! We are in the process of loading new inventory to 4loveclothing.com and you better believe your most loved Fringe Dresses will be available! Who is excited?!

A few fun facts about our maxi dresses
~ Blank dresses are made in the USA specially for 4Love
~ Indigenous women from the Republic of Panama, receive fair trade wages and add a handmade one of a kind nagua to every garment
~ Each tassel that creates the fringe is made individually 
~One dress takes over 13 hours to make

I know, it is a commitment, but I am so happy to be on this journey of empowerment, education and fair-trade opportunities for these women.  

xoxo, Lindsey and the Ladies of 4Love

A few photos to hold you over until you wear your dress proudly! 

Fringe Panama Maxi from our new collection

Fringe, fringe and more fringe! 

Fringe Panama Maxi from our new collection

My sister is seven months pregnant and she is rocking her 4Love Fringe Maxi Dress

Making of the nagua

Adding and arranging the tassels that create our Fringe Panama Maxi

Welcome to 4Love

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Hi and welcome to our blog! 

Thank you for your interest in the betterment of women and the passion that goes behind 4Love. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with Our Story{www.4loveclothing.com/pages/our-story.htm} and the Behind 4Love {www.4loveclothing.com/pages/behind-4love.htm}.
From the moment I tried on the first 4Love dress, created by the Ngobe Bugle women of Panama, I knew God had something incredible in store. I must admit, every day during the creative process brought on new challenges. Through these challenges, an even greater understanding and thankfulness was paved for the road ahead.
It has been exactly one year since God blessed me with the seed of an idea to start 4Love. It was my sister Katie that encouraged me to walk up to the first Ngobe Bugle woman, Nivia, and share my 4Love idea with her. It has been God, the women of 4Love, my family and friends, that have encouraged me daily to never give up!  “I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengths me”. Philippians 4:13
The motivation behind 4Love is LOVE and always will be. I have witnessed the love with my own eyes. Every day you can see the Ngobe Bugle women come out of their shells. They are overflowing with joy, an elevated respect from their husbands (this is very uncommon here), money to buy food and send their children to school. The journey that God placed me on has been worth every tear and every smile. I just want to do my part to help empower and educate the world.